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Captain Aaron Heller has written another article for “Fire Engineering”

It Only Takes One: The Ego Driven Firefighter
By: Captain Aaron J. Heller

Aaron HellerI believe that we in the fire service are truly blessed to live out many a child’s dream. We are still the one profession where people know and understand that our top priority is to help them in their most dire time of need. Collectively we have demonstrated this countless times throughout our storied history and we will continue to write amazing chapters to that in the future. Whether we consider it fortunate or not, firefighters are human with real emotions and a wide variety of thought processes. Now, by no means do I claim to have a formal education in psychology, but in the course of my 30 year career I have had the opportunity to work with and observe hundreds of firefighters. They are driven to be the best in their company or house, the best on the training grounds, the best in the department, and the best in the region. So I ask you, what’s driving them? I have asked myself this very question numerous times throughout my career and I have always hoped I came up with a true and unjaded answer. Are they driven by the desire to do good things and serve their communities? Is it that they feel the need to show how amazing the fire service can be and the tremendous deeds we perform across the globe each day? Is it the drive to possess skills that few will ever comprehend? Are they simply show-offs? Or is it something else? Read More Aaron J Heller Article