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Captain Aaron Heller and Ret. Captain Michael Clarke recently presented training at Tilton-Northfield Professional Firefighters Local 4659 in Tilton, New Hampshire. Below is an overview of the classes provided. We can bring these classes to your fire department!

Big Box Store Firefighting Strategies & Tactics

This course is a 3.5 hour lecture covering strategies and tactics of Big Box Stores. Topics include but are not limited to Engine Company operations regarding fire attack and extinguishment, line selection, line placement, crew responsibilities, and utilizing fire suppression systems. We also include Truck Company operations such as forcible entry, ventilation, and large area search techniques. Other topics include building construction, suppression systems, safety and survival techniques. Situational awareness for the Incident Commander, Company Officer, and line firefighters and in-depth coverage of strategy and tactics for Big Box Store fires are all included.

Engine Company Operations: Mastering the Fire Floor

This course is a 3.5 hour lecture course is perfect for all levels of firefighters and is an interactive
presentation for engine company members. Topics for both residential and commercial operations include sizeup, line selection, positioning, riding assignments, common mistakes made, and much more. Following this course firefighters and officers will better understand their roles, responsibilities, and how to be an effective engine company members.