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This series of Auto Extrication training programs provide responders with the relevant information needed to support the execution of safe and effective rescue operations on vehicles of yesterday and today, as well as those of the future. On Scene Training instructors are poised on the leading edge of vehicle extrication operations due to our outstanding relationships with auto manufacturers such as Volvo of North America, Mercedes Benz, and Ford Motor Company.

On Scene Training staff members share their real-life rescue extrication experience with each student encountered, creating an engaging and energized learning environment. Which vehicle extrication course is right for your organization? Review the available extrication courses below for more information.

General Course Duration Options

Interactive Lecture Only: Customized from 2 to 8 hours
Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training: 1 to multiple day programs

Customized courses tailored to your organization’s needs vary in length from several hours to multiple days, depending on the chosen course(s), number of skill-sets covered, and number of participants.

Mitigating New Vehicle Technology Extrication and Vehicle Fires

Course Type: Interactive Lecture Only

New vehicle technology presents ever-changing challenges for rescuers. Students will gain an understanding of how vehicles have changed and will continue to change, along with the extrication and vehicle fire challenges these changes have created for responders. New metallurgy, design, construction, the 2017 glass standard, and safety system changes are addressed, as are the new fire challenges presented by hybrids, EVs, combustible metals, and lithium ion battery-fueled fires. Reevaluation of current methods, tactics, and equipment is a recurrent theme. Changes, advances, and limitations in current fire and rescue technology are also covered. This program is based on the first-hand, ongoing relationship between the instructor and automotive engineers at Volvo, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and lithium ion vehicle battery manufacturers.

Advanced Vehicle Extrication

Course Type: Interactive Lecture Only or Interactive Lecture & Hands on Training

This course can be customized to provide your personnel with an evening lecture on Advanced Vehicle Extrication Techniques and an extensive day of hands-on evolutions (with an optional 2nd day of Hands-On).

Skill-sets are not limited to but include:

★ Stabilization and extrication of vehicles in multiple positions
★ Under-ride and over-ride evolutions
★ Tunneling
★ 3rd door evolutions
★ Multiple advanced scenarios utilizing the fire department’s equipment

Vehicle Extrication for the Short-Staffed Crew

Course Type: Interactive Lecture Only, Interactive Lecture & Hands on Training

This presentation address how to best utilize our personnel at motor vehicle extrications for most efficient results. Discussions include the importance of maintaining proper staffing levels and the pitfalls recognized when crew numbers drop. This program also addresses ways to provide dynamic supervision and deliberate training to personnel while balancing the added complexity of providing appropriate medical care to those entrapped.

The goal of this program is to provide chiefs, officers, EMT’s and firefighters with basic operations and training that will make an immediate and positive impact on the safety of both crews and patients upon completion of this training. This course has been delivered at the FDIC.
This course has been delivered at the Fire Department Instructor Conference (FDIC).

Fire / Rescue & Pre-hospital Care in Motorsports

Course Type: Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training

This one day course delivers the basics of motorsport specific topics including; speedway orientation and nomenclature, scene size-up and safety, and speedway firefighting strategies and tactics. Also addressed are patient concerns such as gaining victim access, extrication/extraction procedures, and care of the injured / burned driver following extrication.

Taught by instructors with thousands of hours of motorsports venue experience throughout the country, this course has been presented to motorsports professionals internationally.

School Bus Extrication

Course Type:   Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training

This multi-session School Bus Extrication course combines a 3 hour lecture with 1 day of hands on evolutions (with an optional 2nd Hands-On day). This presentation enhances the rescuer’s understanding of school bus construction, design, and components, types of tools and equipment specific to bus extrications. Also discussed are a wide variety of strategies and tactics that may be used when dealing with school bus collisions.

Specific medical considerations such as victim access and care and ICS for a large scale traumatic EMS incidents are also reviewed.

The Hands-On portion of this program provides the rescuer with multiple scenarios and multiple stations which utilize a variety of applicable tools and equipment, to reinforce proper approaches that create safe working environments for victims and rescuers alike.

Vehicle Extrication Awareness/NFPA1670 Compliant

Course Type: Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training

This Vehicle Extrication Awareness course is a 3 hour interactive lecture that provides personnel with the basic principles of vehicle design, SRS now and in the future, safety of the patient as well as the rescue team, and a basic overview of emergency services operations at motor vehicle collisions.

Vehicle Extrication Operations

Course Type: Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training

Course Type: Interactive Lecture & Hands On Training

This one day Vehicle Extrication Operations course delivers response personnel with an in-depth description of vehicle construction and components of New Vehicle Technology. Addressed are scene size-up and safety, vehicle stabilization utilizing multiple devices, lifting operations, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic tool operations.

Extrication specific medical considerations and patient care techniques are also reviewed.

A course outline is available upon request.

On Scene Training Associates, LLC provides emergency responders with a variety of up-to-date, cutting edge training courses. Programs are delivered through interactive classroom presentations, realistic hands-on training opportunities, or a combination of both. We specialize in customizing our training programs to suit the individual needs, budget, and schedule of your organization.

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