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EV / Hybrid
New Vehicle Construction

Mitigating New Vehicle Technology Extrication and Vehicle Fires

Course Type: Interactive Lecture Only

New vehicle technology presents ever-changing challenges for rescuers. Students will gain an understanding of how vehicles have changed and will continue to change, along with the extrication and vehicle fire challenges these changes have created for responders. New metallurgy, design, construction, the 2017 glass standard, and safety system changes are addressed, as are the new fire challenges presented by hybrids, EVs, combustible metals, and lithium ion battery-fueled fires. Reevaluation of current methods, tactics, and equipment is a recurrent theme. Changes, advances, and limitations in current fire and rescue technology are also covered. This program is based on the first-hand, ongoing relationship between the instructor and automotive engineers at Volvo, Ford, Mercedes Benz, and lithium ion vehicle battery manufacturers.

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