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On Scene Training Instructors Present Classes at FDIC 2015

On Scene Training Instructors Present Classes at FDIC 2015
Congratulations to the On Scene Training instructors who presented classes at the recently completed Fire Department Instructor's Conference (FDIC International 2015). The following is a list of  instructors and the classes presented:

Aaron Heller - Big Box Store Firefighting Strategies and Tactics
Bill Hopson - Drill Ground Instructor Academy
Mike Ciampo - Truck Company Essentials / Ladder Operations
Carl Haddon - Understanding New Vehicle Technology Rescue Challenges
Ray Mc Cormack - Urban Firefighting Essentials
Eric Hankins - First Due Engineer
Art Bloomer - Special Rescue Operations for the Small Department

All of these instructors classes were very well attended and received. It was a great conference this year and we are happy with the survey results from the FDIC conference.
  • 31,468 attendees from over 55 countries around the world
  • 95% of attendees stated they will most likely attend FDIC Int'l 2016
  • 94% of attendees rated the quality of exhibiting companies as good to excellent
  • 97.7% of attendees rated the registration fee as fair to excellent for the value and benefit of the event
Instructors at FDIC 2015

On Scene Training instructors enjoy sharing their knowledge in class and especially like networking and brotherhood outside the classroom!

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